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About Me


I’m a young Malagasy artist photographer, member of UPPM (Union des Photographes Professionnels de Madagascar) and it has been eight years that I have been active and fulfilled in the professional field of photography. At the end of my 25 years, I was able to work with well-known Malagasy companies and brands. Every person I’ve met in my career has shaped me and made me who I am today.

Armed with professional equipments, studio and experience but above all passion and willingness, I have always been committed to giving the best of myself for each of my clients. Reading the satisfaction in their words, their actions and seeing the value of my work pushes me to improve myself even more.

« Passion above all, accompanied by hard work and a lot of willingness behind it. This is the key to success and happiness. » 

Together, let’s make sure to reveal what makes you unique, by transmitting the value of your products and services through the quality of your photos.